Coping with Skin Irritation

by Tracey on March 8, 2011

SkinSkin irritations may not be classified as a fatal or even serious illness, but they can lead to infection and be itchy and troublesome. Many are also highly contagious. Here are some tips for dealing with common irritations.


Headlice are one of the most common irritations humans will encounter. Since headlice primarily attach to the hair shaft, they may cause little damage to the scalp, but you will experience itching. If left untreated, the itching will worsen, lead to increased scratching, which could then lead to scabbing and infection on the scalp. Headlice are easy to prevent and easy to treat. Avoid situations that expose you to headlice like sharing hair brushes, hats and pillows. Apply a natural headlice repellent for extra protection and if you do contract lice, use a natural treatment that will remove both adult lice and the eggs and nits.


Fleas are most commonly found in homes with cats or dogs. The most common household fleas live only on furry skin, but if an infestation is bad enough, they will bite humans. While fleas are usually a problem in homes with cats or dogs, an infestation can occur in a pet-free home. Fleas can be eliminated naturally by treating your pet and home with a blend of essential oils known to repel fleas like eucalyptus and geranium.


Scabies is a skin disease that is very contagious. It can be contracted by humans and animals and is marked by intense itching, a red rash and possible crusting. Scabies can be spread by skin to skin contact, and occasionally, through infected items like furniture, bedding and clothing. There is a variety of natural ways to treat scabies including the application of tea tree oil to the infected area and by boosting your immune system with nutrients and vitamins.


There is a variety of different kinds of eczema and scientists and doctors are not sure exactly that the cause is. Some speculate the itchy skin rash is a reaction to dust mites in the living environment. Others believe eczema may be caused by a metabolic disorder or nutritional deficiencies. Natural treatments are very effective for treating the symptoms of eczema and include an application of spearmint oil, sandalwood oil and herbal soaps.

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