Dangers of Medicinal Head Lice Shampoos

by Tracey on March 1, 2010

For decades now, Lindane, a chemical found in various pesticides and personal products, has been under review. Many nations have banned its use entirely and it has been partially abolished for use in the United States, but the phase out is moving slowly. The chemical is still part of many head lice treatments used on children. A product deemed too dangerous to be used on crops and farm animals is perfectly acceptable to many for being used on human skin. if you agree there must be a better, safer, natural solution to ridding children of lice you are not alone. If you have found lice on your child, or there is a lice problem at your child’s school, and your family pediatrician recommends medicinal lice treatment with Lindane, inform yourself before using the product. Chances are, you will opt for a natural solution.

  • While some believe Lindane is safe, and others claim it is only dangerous in large doses, there is concern Lindane may be dangerous for a number of reasons.
  • Studies have shown Lindane may be carcinogenic. This means the product is suspected to cause cancer. The American Environmental Protection Agency has deemed Lindane “acutely toxic.”
  • Because Lindane is used in shampoo, the chemical makes it into the food and water supply when rinsing a child’s hair. Just because you are not drinking from the bottle of Lindane treatment does not mean it will not be taken internally.
  • Lindane may be an endocrine disruptor. Disrupting the endocrine system can effect reproductive health. While this would have detrimental effects on anyone, it is especially dangerous for developing children’s bodies.
  • Lindane comes with very specific recommendations concerning water temperature and time it can remain on the scalp. If these are not followed, the substances becomes even more dangerous.
  • As with anything you put on the skin, Lindane enters the blood stream and can have an effect on the brain and nervous system. It is important to remember that everything you put on your body does not just stay on the surface. Natural products will not poison your body with chemicals and toxic substances.

The worst part is, many believe Lindane is not even effective! This video in support of a Michigan State voter’s initiative lists many of the reasons why Lindane is not the best option to treat your child’s lice problem.


If you are concerned your child will contract head lice, or they are already infected, there are natural methods you can use to combat the problem. Natural products are more effective than other remedies, and they are safe and often pleasant to use. Consider treating head lice with an all natural product and protect your child from dangerous chemicals.


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