How Can You Determine if a Personal Care Product is Dangerous?

by Tracey on November 6, 2013

Many people assume if a product is on their market shelves and approved for sale, it is safe. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

It is important consumers understand what products contain ingredients that could be harmful. In some cases, the problem is not a dangerous ingredient that is a threat to everyone, but is something that can trigger allergic reactions. What might be dangerous for you or a family member might be perfectly fine for someone else.

In other cases, an ingredient is controversial and there is speculation of its danger to everyone.

How can you tell if a product is dangerous?

It triggers an allergic reaction. This could not only indicate your body has an issue with a product, but that the product contains harsh chemicals.

There are some ingredients that are relatively mild, but still cause a reaction. Some people are sensitive and react to things that are typically just fine.

However, there are many occasions on which an allergic reaction indicates a dangerous ingredient OR an unbalanced amount of something that is not dangerous.

Essential oils are a great example of this. A product might contain essential oils, which are considered helpful and healing, but if a person has an allergy to the oil it can trigger a reaction. Likewise, a product might contain too much of an essential oil. Oils must be diluted with another liquid, so if a product contains too much and is not properly diluted, it can trigger a reaction.

It contains an ingredient considered carcinogenic. Carcinogenic means studies have shown something triggers abnormal cell develop and is likely to cause cancer. Though it is possible to use a product that contains carcinogenic ingredients and never have a problem, but is this a risk you are willing to take?

It contains a long list of products you cannot identify. There are many synthetic materials that do a great deal of good, but many trigger dangerous side effects. And in many cases, there are perfectly safe natural alternatives to these synthetic materials.

It contains a controversial ingredient. There is a lot of debate concerning consumer products and you are likely to find a variety of opinions when researching some items. When chemicals are tested, they are often applied in a way in which a regular person would never use them. Since lab conditions often exaggerate real-world exposure, it can be tough to determine whether a product will cause a problem when used as directed. Unfortunately, using a product over the course of a long time could eventually duplicate these lab conditions, especially if a dangerous product builds up in your system.

Though there is debate over some ingredients, you must determine if the risk is worth it when it comes to personal care products. If you can find natural alternatives that work just as well, you are likely better off avoiding the risk. This is especially true when shopping for products intended for use by young children. Their bodies are developing and their resistance might not be as strong as an adults, so when buying personal care products, it is better to err on the side of caution.

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