Keeping Headlice under Control in Your Home

by Tracey on January 26, 2014

Have an outbreak of headlice in your home? There’s no need to panic. You and your family can navigate the murky waters of headlice control and have a lice free home in no time at all. It just takes some vigilance.

First, determine where the outbreak began. Did a child bring it home from school? Were there infested children visiting your home? Did you carry a few headlice home from the local movie theatre? Identifying ground zero of the outbreak can help you eradicate the lice problem as fast as possible.

Knowing the outbreak point also helps you determine how long lice have been a problem in the home. If your child just walked through the front door with a note from the teacher, chances are your home has been spared. However, if a play date happened a few weeks earlier and you are just now noticing the outbreak in your home, you have some work to do.

Tackle the items that have been contaminated first. Hats, scarves, pillows, blankets, stuffed toys, and anything in which lice can take up residence must be washed in hot water and run through the dryer.

Once the washing of contaminated items is underway, you can begin treatment for the people who are infested. Use an all natural product that is safe for children and that does not contain lindaine. Lindaine has been banned in many countries, but if you live in a country where it is still legal to include it in products, carefully read the ingredient list of any lice shampoos before reading them.

Finally, take a recurrence of lice seriously. You can use preventative products to help ward off lice, but it is still important to keep a close eye on things. (You can find our all natural lice prevention spray here.) Do a liceinspection on your kids for several days following an outbreak and consider washing and drying the same things affected during the full-blown outbreak every few days, just in case.

It’s possible to beat lice, but it takes a little effort. Luckily, with a plan in place, your home can be lice free!

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