by Tracey

Thank you so much for returning my email, it was a pleasure talking to you.

I have three boys Christopher is 3, Andrew is 4 1/2 and Michael is 7.  When I first found lice on Michael, I was horrified, I decided to check the other two and found some on Andrew’s head, fortunately Christopher had none as he was only 8 months.  My husband and I decided to shave the boys hair and then treat them with the recommended products.  I then thought that there would have to be a product on the market that would help to prevent them from coming back.  We tried a few things that didn’t help (we shaved their heads again – it looks ok on boys it would be very hard if i had a girl to treat ) and then I found your product, Natural Headlice Beater.

We have been using this product for ages, I know it’s been a while as all my children line up to have their hair sprayed every morning Monday to Friday and I even spray their school and kindy caps.  We have not had a case of lice since we started to use your product, if I can help to prevent it from reoccurring I will.   I don’t need the inconvenience of having to treat all three boys.  To this day Christopher has never had a case of lice, he is only three but does love to dress up at kindy.   Christopher has beautiful long blonde hair and Andrew and Michael prefer shorter hair, but it’s nice that they don’t have to have shaved heads because of this unfortunate problem.

Once again thanks for a wonderful product, there will always be a few bottles of your Headlice Beater in my cupboard.  I thought I would send you a photo.


Grace Bouchaud

Just like to let you know that I have tried a number of products that are on the market for head-lice. Your product is the only one the leaves the hair feeling soft and manageable. My children actually ask me if i can get “the one that doesn’t dry my hair.”

Thanks for a great product

Northern Queensland

I found the diagnosis kit information very informative.  It answers all my questions.

M. Neary, USA

Thank you very much for the Diagnosis Kit, it is very informative.  The more we know, the better it is to understand and treat head lice.

Everyone should have this book.

Theo Stamatelopoulos

I wanted to extend my sincere thanks to you for developing a product that stops head lice in its tracks. I treated my son’s hair with a lice product and proceeded with the tiresome combing which is required to remove any dead lice.

The next day I discovered that many more eggs had been left attached to his hair and he was itching yet again! I went to the chemist and decided to give your new product a go.

It works, and it only took two nights of leaving the product on Ryan’s hair and shampooing out the next morning – didn’t have to comb out, as the eggs were too small.

I have since been recommending it to any others suffering with the same frustration. I wish you well with the future of this product and would hope that you are able to inform the Education Department of it. Thank you so very much.

Queensland, Australia

I have to say your product all in all over the past 4 weeks has been fabulous. My seven year old daughter Hannah had so many eggs on her hair which I was unable to remove. Hannah’s head lice problem has been going on since pre-school. I used a number of products from the chemist, which I have listed and from hairdressers which was absolutely useless. These products I used religiously and all they did was burn a hole in my pocket.

My youngest son Kyle who is 5 years old had only in the past few months had a head lice problem. I no longer have to worry about this now because your product has solved this. It is the best money can buy. I’m sure if there were other parents out there with the problem of head lice controlling I’m certain they would agree with me if they tried your “Headlice Blitzer”. It does control and there’s no other way to explain it.

Thank you so much to help me beat Head Lice in my family.

Queensland, Australia

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