What to Do When a Love One is Reluctant to Switch to Natural Products

by Tracey on October 24, 2013

Anyone who has tried to share health information knows the experience can be frustrating. Even with the best intentions, people often respond poorly to healthcare advice. Sometimes they are overwhelmed by too much information, much of which is conflicting, and other times they get defensive because they feel judged. Unless someone is actively seeking health advice, it can be a challenge sharing what you know and encouraging healthy choices.

In some cases, people reluctant to take health advice assume you are giving them incorrect information. Depending on their personality, they might even argue with you. Unfortunately, these people are often our loved ones, so despite their reluctance to make healthy improvements and have discussions with your about health, you still want to help them. Even if they resist, you still care and want what is best for them.

Natural products can be a hotly debated topic when it comes to improving health. Sometimes, healthy, natural products are more expensive than other options and people are resistant to paying more for something they do not trust. In other cases, people resist natural products because they are happy with what they are using. Even if there are dangerous chemicals on the ingredient list, they are comfortable with their tried and true products and disregard the exposure to danger these products bring.

What can you say to people who are reluctant to switch to natural products? How can you help loved ones who are unwilling to accept health advice? These tips might help:

  • Be patient with your loved ones. Not everyone has a health epiphany at the same time. Share basic information, but allow them to take their time and come to their own realizations about natural products.
  • If you live with your loved one you can purchase natural products, instead of the dangerous alternatives. You might get a little resistance, but sometimes it just takes your loved on using a natural product to realize it works just as well – or better – than their old standby.
  • Be kind when sharing information. Remember, your goal is to help your loved one live a healthier life. Do not use scare tactics and do not get angry if he or she is resistant. All this does is create a communication problem and it will take longer to convince your loved one to sample natural products. This is about their health and products affect their health, not about you being right and “winning” an argument.
  • Set a good example. You might feel strongly about using natural body care or house cleaning products, but choose foods that are processed or wear makeup products that are packed with chemicals. If your loved one is reluctant to switch to natural products you are encouraging, he or she will notice the hypocrisy in your decisions. Practice what you preach. If natural living is important to you, follow your own philosophy and set a good example.
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