What You Should Know about Hygiene Products for Children

by Tracey on December 31, 2013

Too many parents assume that products made specifically for young children are gentle and safe. Unfortunately, there are many instances in which this is not the case.

Manufacturers market hygiene products made specifically for children, but for many, the main goal is to turn as much of a profit as possible. If this means skimping on quality of safety, they are willing to take that risk.

Not all companies adopt this profits-first mindset, but enough do that parents must carefully consider the safety of a product before purchasing it for use by their children.

What are the main concerns when it comes to hygiene product safety?

First of all, parents should be sure they know all of the ingredients in a product. Read the ingredient labels carefully and if there is something unfamiliar, look it up. Also read up on the reputation of the company before using its product. Though rare, there have been unscrupulous companies that have left out ingredients on the labels. If there are numerous reports of bad experiences, it is better to find an alternative product.

It is also important for parents to understand if their child has any sensitivities to certain chemicals or other ingredients. A product can be perfectly safe for the majority of users, but if it contains something to which your child is allergic, the product can be dangerous. This also includes instances in which something is exposed to an allergen during processing. For instance, if a shampoo is manufactured in an environment where lotions are made that include nuts and your child has a nut allergy, using that nut-free shampoo could still pose a risk to your child.

Finally, look for natural alternatives to many commonly used products. Many studies have shown that initial exposure to a chemical is not dangerous, but if that chemical builds up in a person’s system over time, it can be toxic. The longer your child uses something the greater the danger from exposure. If possible, find products that contain all-natural ingredients. This avoids health problems related to long-term exposure.

Protecting your child is a full-time job, but it is much easier when you understand how to shop for the healthiest products available.

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